Mosquito Pest Control Service 

LULU pest control provides you with the best mosquito pest control service through a quick, safe, effective, and stress-free method. We utilize innovative management methods such as indoor residual spray, fogging, misting, and larviciding to manage the mosquitoes at your home.

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About this service

How can LULU help you tackle mosquitoes?

Keeping mosquitoes away forever is impossible and needs to be done at regular intervals of time. Mosquito pest control is an irksome process, and you can trust our services in helping you keep mosquitoes away from your home and buildings.

Our pest control team works carefully to deliver prolonged and long-term solutions for your home’s freedom from mosquito infestations. We follow scientific procedures in our services to help you get rid of mosquitoes.

We treat active breeding sites to prevent the larvae in water from developing into biting and potentially disease-carrying adult mosquitoes. Our services against mosquitoes are scheduled for the time of day when mosquitoes are most engaged as that is a sure method to control these pests. We also inform our customers to make them stop water stagnation that female mosquitoes use to breed and reproduce.

Our spray-based mosquito management solution

For the individual homeowners, we recommend the Indoor Residual Spray (IRS) for their homes.

LULU pest control sprays a colorless and odorless insecticide on the walls of your home to kill mosquitoes that perch on them. With our newer pesticides, treatment with a residual effect of three months is now possible.  By residual effect, a pesticide kills mosquitoes for ninety days after the date of our application.

Our thermal-fogging based mosquito pest control service

We control outdoor adult mosquitoes by thermal fogging application of chemical pesticides aerially. Adult mosquitoes in the air die when they come in contact with the pesticide in the hot fog.

Thermal fogging creates dense, poisonous fog clouds to kill mosquitoes by an ultra-fine aerosol of the chemical pesticide.

Our misting-based mosquito pest control service

Cold fogging or misting is effective to control flying adult mosquitoes in open or closed commercial areas. LULU pest control specialized misting system has spray nozzles mounted at the border of a home like a lawn, or other parts of the house. The spray nozzles are connected by a tube to a supply of water-based insecticide that kills mosquitoes on contact.

LULU pest control is a pioneer in cold fogging technology and deploys costly equipment and chemical pesticides for such treatment.  Our cold fogging machine uses no petrol or diesel and the pesticide we use (Aqua K-othrine) is water-soluble.  Cold fogs are an effective, environmentally friendly way to control mosquitoes and are safer than conventional thermal fogs.

Our larviciding based mosquito pest control service

In this treatment, LULU pest control team creates films of pesticides on the surface of stagnant water that serves as mosquito breeding sites. The pesticide film reduces the surface tension of the water and prevents mosquito larvae and pupae from surfacing to breathe. Larviciding effectively contains the mosquitoes by barring adult mosquito development.

We advise customers to block mosquito breeding by filling potholes or removing containers with water. The recommended frequency of larviciding is monthly.

We provide mosquito traps that one can use in their homes, at a restaurant, pharmaceutical units, hospitals, operation theatres, food companies, breweries, dairy, farmhouses, and other places where mosquitoes are a problem at a reasonable price.

How to prevent mosquito infestations in your homes

More than just an annoyance, mosquitoes are carriers of many deadly diseases. Some ways in which you can prevent mosquitoes in your homes are:

  • Avoid overgrown vegetation around your home.
  • Screen your windows with mosquito nets.
  • Avoid water stagnation in your home or near your home.
  • Use a lemongrass oil diffuser in your bathrooms to repel mosquitoes.
  • Use hand-held racket-like mosquito pest control devices.
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