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LULU fly pest control services provide you with the best fly pest management service through a quick, safe, effective, and stress-free method. We utilize innovative treatments to manage the flies at your home.

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About this service

How can LULU help you tackle flies?

Lulu fly pest control uses chemical and mechanical means to manage flies. We spray long residual effect chemical pesticides to control flies.

We also do fly baiting as that is the best approach to fly pest control.  We use a bait formula that remains active when wet to lure and kill flies. Fly control bait, however, only works outdoors and helps in the killing of the majority of the fly population.

For indoor solutions, our team installs Insect Light Traps (ILTs) for attracting and trapping flies. As UV light attracts flies, we use light traps to capture flies in commercial premises.

Installation of ILTs and glue traps are used in addition to outdoor fly control as these traps help us monitor the fly population and identify the type of infestation.

How flies infest your home?

Doors or windows with no net screens, open garbage cans, manure pits, decaying fruits, spilled drinks, and open containers of alcohol, attract flies to our homes. Adult flies lay eggs on moist surfaces, cracks, washbasin corners, and kitchen and bathroom sink pipes.

How to prevent fly infestations in your homes?

Flies buzzing anywhere near us can drive us crazy and many of us often notice flies infest our homes during late spring and summer. They need moisture to grow from eggs to full-fledged adult flies. They love to feed, breed, and live on rotting trash, dirty dumpsites, carcasses, and dung heaps.

  • Inspection and sanitation are major ways to prevent fly problems. Regular inspection finds out the breeding sites that cause infestation and leads to proper environmental cleaning.
  • After inspection and sanitation, comes exclusion. Keeping doors, windows and vents closed and sealing possible entry points of flies are important to effective fly management.
  • Keep trash in sealed trash bins with or w trash bags with tight-fitting lids.
  • Throwing out rotting food and sanitizing garbage disposal bags are important to keep flies at bay.
  • Keep dumpsters clean and far from buildings.
  • Use an exhaust fan and air curtains to blow air away from doorways and prevent fly entry. Contact our fly pest control professionals for further assistance.
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