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LULU pest control provides you with the best cockroach pest control service through a quick, safe, effective, and stress-free method. We utilize innovative odorless gel-based applications to handle the roaches in your home or building. The gel is safe to use even in the most sensitive parts of your building and is harmless to humans.

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About this service

Our cockroach pest control process

Lulu cockroach pest control team applies the gel bait in very tiny pin-sized drops in areas where we notice the high infestation of cockroaches in your home or building. We also apply in areas that they might take cover in like cupboards, under the fridge, below kitchen sinks, drawers, and other such nooks and crannies. there is no need to leave your home during or after our procedures. The gel bait applied by us is an edible pesticide especially formulated to attract cockroaches and kill them after they ingest it.

How does the gel application help manage cockroaches?

Cockroaches that have eaten the gel and died can kill other cockroaches. This happens because cockroaches are in habit of feeding on carcasses of dead cockroaches and the fecal matter of cockroaches. Such death of cockroaches due to their feeding on excreta of other cockroaches and remains of dead ones is called the cascading effect.

The science behind the cascading effect leads to quick cockroach pest control. Generally, about 80% of cockroaches in a colony die in one week after gel baiting. The remaining cockroaches are effectively controlled within three weeks.

We take about 30 minutes to carry out gel baiting of an average-sized apartment against cockroaches.

As part of our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for treatment against cockroaches, we visit our customer’s homes thrice a year. At homes of customers signing up for a two-year AMC, we provide six services during the contract.

In the odd case that our treatment is not as effective as expected and you find cockroaches at your home or building, we provide additional treatment at your premises free of cost.

How can you prevent a cockroach infestation in your home?

If you make your home a clean place where cockroaches cannot survive, there are lesser chances of you finding them at your place. You can take the following cockroach pest control measures to make your space inhospitable-

  • Close all cracks and crevices inside and outside your home, as those places can harbor cockroaches.
  • Throw away any unused cardboard packaging as it is a preferred location for cockroaches to lay eggs and breed.
  • Soak dishes in the sink overnight with a soapy solution or wash them immediately after use to prevent cockroaches from accessing food residues in the dishes.
  • Avoid moisture build-up by unclogging drains and fixing tap leaks.
  • Clean and remove traces of sugary solutions when cleaning surfaces as such residues can attract cockroaches who like to feed on sugar.
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