Are you a resident of India who has recently been facing some pest issues? No worries! We’re here today to talk about, how to avail pest control services and let you in on some insider facts about conducting pest control services in India. Once you know the pros and cons, it’s easier to decide whether you rather do DIY pest control or call for a professional pest control treatment.


India is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and that is reflected on our pest control services as well. Further, the top companies all have user-friendly websites where you can do the same. The latest innovation is being able to book a treatment through your virtual assistant, Alexa.


Earlier, pest control was something only residents of cities could avail of. If you live in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and other big cities, you could get a hold of pest control companies. Now, the top companies in India have spread their wings to even semi-urban and rural areas across India.


While they’re covering a good distance geographically, pest control companies in India are now also offering a number of services to their customers. From mosquitoes to cockroaches to termites to bed bugs to rodents and much more, the top brands can give you solutions to all pest problems. On the other hand, some companies have also introduced home hygiene options like air purifiers, bird netting, deep cleaning packages, and much more, which basically makes them a one-stop shop for all home hygiene solutions anywhere in India.

Research and development.

Unlike the early days, there’s now a lot of research and development being put into pest control services in India. The companies are paying the extra bucks to ensure they provide the best products. Example: Cockroach advanced AMC service includes mint fragrance garbage bags and drain cleaning along with the cockroach treatment, eliminating all pathways for them to return to a household. They’re putting in the extra miles to provide 100% highest quality pest control services.

Let’s look at the drawbacks too.

Certain factors could be alarming like licensing. Not all companies in India have licenses and certifications required to provide services to customers. In such cases, they make use of lower quality chemicals that aren’t government-approved, thus enabling lower costs that attract the common man.

Because of the use of inferior chemicals, your safety and the safety of your family members are compromised because of the chance of side effects. Very often, the terms and conditions of these brands also need to be given a thorough read-through. Some of these pest control companies have plenty of hidden charges and fees. As a result, you don’t get the pest out of your homes, you are vulnerable to side effects and you will also end up paying much more for these services.

To summarize, companies in India are doing a fabulous job of keeping the country clean and sanitized. However, it’s our individual duties to ensure we only pick the righteous companies which provide value for money. Some of the added benefits of the best services include EMI options, festive and other discounts, and warranties for all their various pest control packages. Pick those companies who destroy pests from the source and actually care about the health of your homes rather than only their profits.

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