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LULU ant pest control services provides you with the best ant pest control service through a quick, safe, effective, and stress-free method. We utilize innovative odorless gel-based applications or a reliable spray of pesticide emulsions to manage ants at your home. The gel and spray are safe to use even in the most sensitive parts of your building and are harmless to humans.

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About this service

Our spray based ant pest control solution

Effective treatment of ants through spray-based solutions depends on locating the ants’ nest and treating the colony as the ants you may find at your home might be just wanderer ants. Spraying pesticides only against wanderer ants is ineffective as ants from the nest replace the ones you kill. For more lasting results, we look for the ant nest as damaging the nest by spraying pesticides on it can destroy the entire colony and prevent further infestation.

Our gel-based ant pest control solution

We also use gel bait against ants, if the infestation of ants is high. The ant gel contains the active ingredient Imidacloprid 0.03%, a syrupy liquid, which ants most commonly found infesting homes, consume readily. After consuming the gel, it kills them.

How does the ant gel help ant pest control?

The ant gel is a sweet pesticide bait that attracts worker ants to consume it and temporarily store it in their bodies before returning to their nest to share with other ants and the queen ant. The ant-gel results in ‘colony elimination’ as workers who brought it from outside the nest share it with all members of the colony.

We use ant gel that has excellent efficiency against multiple ant species and is very specific against ants. Our treatment is inconspicuous, as the ant-gel we use is a transparent, viscous, syrup-like liquid. Ant-gel takes minimal time to apply and takes 24-48 hours to kill the ants.

How to prevent ant infestation in your home

You can reduce the occurrence of ants at your home by the simple ant pest control measures that are listed below:

  • Use airtight containers for storing food to prevent the ants from accessing it.
  • Clean leftover food and sweet liquid spills to avoid attracting the ants.
  • Create a barrier for the ants by sealing cracks and cervixes.
  • Clean leftover foods of pets.
  • Empty the dustbins in your house regularly.
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